Reverse engineering space biology

Using space and extreme environments as an enabling technology to accelerate bioscience discovery.

We believe, that understanding biology in space will allow us to tackle also the greatest challenges on Earth, whether it is making agriculture more sustainable or producing previously unseen biomaterials and drugs.

Why space?

Microgravity, partial gravity and other stressors, including radiation are inducing bio-phyiscal changes that give clues to develop previously unseen materials, therapies and even agricultural processes.

By combining expertise from biological research, ML/AI, engineering and design, litegrav provides a platform that accelerates bioscience discovery for the new space economy.

To ease and decentralize complex bioscience, we also work on an IP-safe data exchange protocol, BioSNARKs

Our platform

In-silico discovery

We develop algorithms for protocol optimization and prediction to reduce costs


In-lab validation and discovery

We provide stackable, modular simulator units for high-throughput, multi assay and robotic platform use.


Wetlab production

Small-scale manufacturing or demonstration of hypothesis driven bioprocess

Coming 2024

Launch to space

Value optimized experiment launch, contracts and brokerage

Coming 2025

Our story

litegrav is founded by passionate scientists who believe innovations should be on a fast-track development between academia and the industrial ecosystem to gain maximum benefit.

Our close collaboration with different fields from top-notch laboratories around the world leads to the development of a versatile laboratory system that boosts high-impact research and helps to push boundaries of humankind.


For example, it is under use to screen for potential drug targets to prevent neuronal damage, or to test novel compounds that can save bone from degradation during space missions or due to ageing.

Petri dish culture plate illuminated using long-wave UV irradiation, . Courtesy of the Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Melissa Dankelt, James Gathany,


Are you running a lab or a company in the fields of e.g. mechanobiology, cancer, neurobiology, biotechnology, plants, stem cells or protein crystallization? Get in touch to discuss the potential!

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