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Developing a new generation of modular microgravity simulators

In microgravity, objects appear to be weightless, while partial gravity refers to reduced gravity compared to Earth. Research in both conditions helps to find novel insights across life sciences ranging from mechanisms to developing new therapies. 

Access to space for basic research and industry is expensive and lengthy even for a single experiment. Simulation of the condition on Earth is possible, but current solutions lack features that are often essential, or proper configuration is out of scope. litegrav.AI aims to bridge this gap.   

We combine expertise from biological research, machine learning, engineering and design to develop a device that enables cutting-edge microgravity, partial gravity and spaceflight simulation at the bench or in the incubator without compromising the use of typical research assays during the experiment.

We are participating in ESA BIC Estonia 2020 autumn batch

litegrav.AI is a winner of Prototron 2020 autumn competition

Stackable units for high-throughput, multi assay and robotic platform use

ML-based algorithm for control that auto-adjusts depending on assay type and size

Module development on-demand: light, radiation-in situ, fluid exchange